Why You Should Hire a Construction Manager for Cost-Efficiency

Why You Should Hire a Construction Manager for Cost-Efficiency

Sep 29, 2015

Should you take on the role of being a construction manager for a project, or should you spend the money and hire a general contractor? Here are some key things to think about before taking on a project.

What a construction manager does is similar to what a general contractor does. For the homeowner with little to no experience with building, it gives them an opportunity to become a contractor. If they have the sufficient skills that will guide your workers and the confidence to get the job complete even with problems coming your way, then this is the route for you.

One of the primary differences of hiring a contractor versus a construction manager is the finances. Obviously there is the benefit of you saving money versus having the contractor work out all the finances and including the middle man – who marks up costs. The end result should have you saving significant amounts. When you hire a construction manager, there is a fee which ends up being a percentage of the total time and material costs. You could also speak to a construction consultant to figure out the total costs involved and have them guide you to what specific role you should play pertaining to your project.

When you hire a construction manager you step into a role where you have more control over your project. Your involvement is key as a construction manager is only there to lend a hand. You will be involved in all of the business transactions as well as scheduling so be ready to take on these duties.

The downside to having a construction manager on your staff is that they do not maintain responsibility for the job as far as problems. That is your job. If problems arise you may need to discuss the situation with construction & turnaround services to immediately fix the issue and save money.

Bio; Lyle Charles, of Lyle Charles Consulting, is a structural steel expert with over 40 years of experience in the field. For technical, operation, or financial answers, speak with them today.