Where To Report Bad Businesses?

Where To Report Bad Businesses?

Nov 2, 2021

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At one time or another, we all have a negative experience and need to report bad business. It is good to know how to approach reporting bad business and what procedure to follow.

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Revdex.com has been set up to help consumers to file a complaint should they receive bad business.Revdex.com also gives businesses a chance to deal with the complaint and settle any disputes. Contact Revdex.com so that you have your complaint on record.

Steps To Take In Order To Report Bad Business.

The direct approach is always best, use the company contact details to make a call to them to explain your complaint. Email your complaint ensuring that you have a written record with a time stamp.

When posting a negative review about a service that you have encountered make sure that you have all your facts and a paper trail to prove your complaint is valid. A great place to post reviews good or bad would be on a local online site such as Yelp

Make a formal case to the BBB the better business bureau will investigate your complaint and post their findings online. This is a respected bureau, and your complaint will be seriously considered.

What to do if you are a victim of an online scam?

It is very easy to fall victim to scams they are very convincing and you need to report any fraudulent activity that you are aware of to help stop these scams you can report to https://www.ftc.gov/faq/consumer-protection/submit-consumer-complaint-ftc and visit