What Makes Cayman Real Estate a Sound Investment?

Cayman Islands property has consistently remained an attractive investment for overseas investors. It’s the perfect paradise to live in, it has a thriving job market in the financial sector and the island has some of the best schools in the region. Improvements to the island’s infrastructure have only made the location more desirable to investors looking for long-term holdings.

Real estate in Grand Cayman is tax free. When you purchase property, you pay a 7.5% fee one time stamp duty fee. Once that fee is paid, the property is yours to do with as you please with no annual property taxes. That makes the Cayman Islands an excellent way to hold investments that will grow free of capital gains taxes owed to the Cayman government.

It is also easier for foreign investors to get property in the Cayman Islands than other island destinations, which means it’s easier to have a home away from home or to move altogether. Holding onto an investment property shouldn’t mean you have to live somewhere else. The quality of life in the Cayman Islands rivals anything you will find in South Beach or Miami. Unlike Bermuda, another popular destination, you won’t need millions in the bank as a non-resident. You also won’t have to pay expensive fees for the rights to purchase property on the island.

That also means that the island has become more of a comfort zone with the taste of modern living. Business happens on Cayman now, but we do our fair share of play too. Cell carriers are also showing a renewed interest in the area, installing improvements that should make the network more competitive with mainland offerings. Cayman is growing everyday!

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