Visualize Your Way Through Your Job Interview

Visualize Your Way Through Your Job Interview

Oct 28, 2014


Visualize Your Way Through Your Job Interview

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

Getting an interview for your dream job is incredibly exciting but it can also be extremely stressful. Having a chance at a career path you want is a golden opportunity which also means that there is plenty of pressure to not “blow it” during the interview process. In fact, the stress of the job interview frequently sinks people who would otherwise be perfect fits for the position.

So how can you move beyond the stress of a major job interview and put yourself in a position to succeed? The most important thing to do is to believe that you are destined to succeed. Going into an interview with positive energy radiating out of you is a great way to impress a potential new boss. They will receive this energy and believe that you are the type of person who should have the position.

You can achieve this by visualizing the results of your successful job interview. Think about receiving the offer letter and accepting, or about going into the job for your first day at work. If you believe that this is what will happen, you will be in a place to take the steps necessary to make this happen. Remember that you were already selected from countless candidates just to be interviewed — they are already interested in you. By reflecting this interest and projecting it as a belief that are destined to have this job you are simply reaffirming the decision of the hiring manager to speak with you.

Dr. Eric Amidi is a renowned physicist who used artificial neural networks as part of the team that discovered the Top Quark. This background helps Eric Amidi understand the connection between the mind and self-improvement.