Understanding the Different Types of Construction Delays

Understanding the Different Types of Construction Delays

Apr 23, 2019

Summary: Construction delays can significantly impact a construction project. Here are some common delays that can occur on premises.

When things go out of hand on a construction site, you may experience a series of delays. These delays could be a result of internal or external factors. Whatever the cause may be, a construction delay can significantly damage a company’s finances and can negatively impact the construction team involved – not to mention the client who expects the project to be completed in a timely manner.

Understanding what types of delays exist can prepare you for emergency situations. Being able to identify these delays can also give you a better understanding of how to proceed and get the process running.

Concurrent Delays

These types of delays happen when multiple delays occur at the same time. This results in the inability to complete certain tasks and setting the project schedule back. Moreover, these delays likely will not result in monetary compensation, but the construction team may be granted more time to complete the project.

Excusable and Inexcusable Delays

Excusable delays involve events that are out of the company’s control. For instance, natural disasters or social unrest are two types of events that the parties cannot predict, therefore creating a delay. These types of delays can lead to compensation or an extension.

Inexcusable delays on the other hand, are delays that the contractor can avoid. For instance, if there is a schedule error or a lack of proper supervision, the contractor is on the line. Having employees who are not equipped to handle certain aspects of the project are issues that could have been avoided.

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