The Benefits of Split Payments

The Benefits of Split Payments

Apr 26, 2017

When your customers shop online they expect to be able to pay with any form of payment they chose, and without much hassle. If you configure payment processing to accept split payments, you can accept more than one credit card without much of an additional cost to you. You close the transaction, the customer gets to pay with the payment methods he or she prefers, and you’ll save cash on each transaction with the right payment processor.

Speedy Checkouts

The customer will appreciate that split payments are speedy, especially if you allow him or her the option to save payment methods to an account. If you allow customers to create an account, and save their cards for transactions, then credit card processors will be quick and efficient. Plus, the account is password protected, so the information is secure as long as the customer chooses a strong password.

Closing the Deal

Customers who can’t afford to put the costs of a big ticket item all on one card will close transactions if they are allowed to split a remaining balance on another account. Retail outlets don’t run into this problem because their credit card readers typically allow for split payments. This is also beneficial for customers who want to place orders for a friend, or under a business account. Allowing multiple forms of payment works with the customer’s wishes.


If you choose the right payment processor, you’ll save money on the transactions you split payment methods for. Avoid flat fee processors and you’ll usually save. That’s because flat fee payments will charge you the same rate, even if the bank charges a lower rate to use a particular payment method. Money transfers are a good example, where the cost of a transfer on an interchange plan will usually be reduced.

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