The Basics of Construction and Turnaround Services

The Basics of Construction and Turnaround Services

Oct 26, 2015

The-Basics-of-Construction-and-Turnaround-ServicesA turnaround service is a planned, temporary closure of a processing plant or building with the goal of identifying, testing, and fixing issues that can cause serious problems. Construction and turnaround services work around the clock to perform a major overhaul on a company.

Turnarounds are vital in keeping maintenance records up-to-date as well as the upkeep of the facility. The safety of one’s workers should always be a priority to an owner. If their personnel are working under hazardous and unstable conditions, there could be the likelihood that the facility will be shut down due to an unsafe setting.

Because it costs a facility time and money to initiate a turnaround, they are usually scheduled a year or two in advance. The owner of a company or plant must decide whether they have the proper funds to afford the temporary shutdown. For each day that there is no production, especially when it comes to a refinery, money is lost.

When it comes to money well spent, a turnaround is one of the most essential parts of industrial operations. Thousands of dollars are lost due to companies being shut down from a lack of maintenance activities. This is why plenty of major corporations schedule regular construction & turnaround services to ensure that there won’t be any issues in the foreseeable future.

The goal of a turnaround service should be to complete the task in a safe and environmentally sound manner. They should work closely with the management team with safety as a priority for both the company and the staff. A structural steel expert may also be on hand to provide a sense of direction.

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