Take Control of Your Financial Well-Being

Take Control of Your Financial Well-Being

Oct 14, 2014

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.


Financial problems can create tension and conflict in any household. It’s easy to become weighed down with financial worries and overburdened with stress. In fact, what most people don’t realize is that these negative thoughts are not only draining but they serve to amplify their problems. As detailed in my book “The Secret Behind The Secret,” you can change your financial situation through the power of positive thinking.


“Positive thinking” means truly focusing your thoughts into the acquisition of money in the future rather than your current situation. When people say they are thinking about their finances, this usually means that they are thinking about their lack of money. This sort of negative thought process will not help you to change your financial situation. Instead, you need to concentrate on the positive aspects of having money and what that can do for you and your family. This creates a better platform for beneficial financial situations to occur.



If you have had financial problems recently, it’s also important to develop a better relationship with money if you want your positive thoughts to translate into success. It’s important to remember that money is a form of energy and how you feel about it will impact its relationship with you. If you want money to start working for you and come to you, it’s important that you have a strong relationship with it. You need to let go of any past issues where money — or a lack of money — has caused you pain in your life.


Eric Amidi is a Quantum Physicist who helped to discover the Top Quark with the team at Fermi National Laboratories. Dr. Eric Amidi is an expert in how neural networks can help the brain to learn.