Productivity is Affected by having a Messy Desk

Productivity is Affected by having a Messy Desk

Mar 2, 2023

Although maintaining a tidy and mess-free desk can be challenging when tasks are coming in and have time limits, and you feel under pressure it is essential to your productivity.

When you are working you need to focus on work as well as your mental well-being. This will have a positive impact on your workload and how you conduct yourself in a working environment if you keep a neat and tidy desk.

Lucy Lyle co-founder of Perch says: “It can help you be more intentional with the way you work” Lucy Lyle has listed 4 ways that you can accomplish this easily.

Give your desk a wipe with a damp cloth to keep it clean and dust free on a daily basis. Maintaining a hygienic workstation is more enjoyable to work in.

Declutter at least once a week, when you are busy you tend to leave items and files on your desk which quickly can become overwhelming. Dispose of, file, or put away items that do not need to be on the desk surface.

Being organized is easier when using Post-it notes, labels, and color coding for your files. With an organized system in place, you can concentrate on work and save time.

Use multilevel paper trays to keep your paperwork organized at your desk.

Lucy Lyle has shown that maintaining an organized and tidy workstation is indicative of a professional who values their work, conveying this message to both colleagues and clients. This is the best way to focus and keep mentally alert and calm whilst at work.