Mentoring from The Global Spiritualists Association

Mentoring from The Global Spiritualists Association

Jan 26, 2021

The Global Spiritualists Association has created a number of fascinating forums with some of the best spiritual mentors in the world. Their goal is to promote philanthropy and they work with business leaders as well as individuals. The organization believes in enhancing the development of human minds to improve the human race as a whole.

Challenges facing the world today

With so many challenges now facing the human race, the world is growing so quickly and often negative forces cause damage in our society and in our daily lives. How do we improve the conditions we see around us? By working with The Global Spiritualists Association, leaders can learn about spiritual growth. The institution provides teachings about life sciences, spirituality and international cooperation. They are also committed to cultivating the youth in our society, giving them the tools to move out into the world with confidence and wisdom.

About Teacher and Spiritual Leader, Zhang Xinyue

The “Global Mentors Association” was created in 1999 by spiritual leader, Zhang Xinyue. He has authored a book called “Create Abundance.” He and his group of mentors work to support world leaders with forums, conferences and teaching material. They help and inspire their members to develop greater awareness, compassion and knowledge.

The Global Spiritualists Association coordinates many scientific exchange activities in Southeast Asia, North America, Korea, Europe and Japan. Their spiritual mentors instruct attendees in developing a more powerful spirit, mind, heart and soul to enhance their quality of life. For more information about this organization, please visit their website.

The Global Spiritualist Association is one of the largest Spiritual Growth Research Institute for Spiritual Teachers around the globe. The great Teacher Zhang Xinyue founded the organization in the year 1999. The Global Spiritualists Association works towards promoting international cooperation and the development of the cultivation of world youth elites by attracting some of the best Spiritual Teachers from around the world.