How to Get and Stay Healthy in Your Spirit and Your Body

How to Get and Stay Healthy in Your Spirit and Your Body

Jul 16, 2021

The article was provided by The Global Spiritualist Association

Most of us have stopped counting all the new fad diets that have been released in recent years. Some have been popular for a long time and though some people claim to have lost weight on them, the majority eventually gain the weight back. Many experts agree that fad diets just don’t work.

We develop our eating habits over the course of many years. We enjoy favorite foods from our childhood like hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and special desserts our mothers made us. The foods you enjoy are a large part of who you are as an individual. Even if you can somehow manage to only eat carrots and celery for six weeks, at some point, you will return to your regular eating habits and the weight will be regained straightaway.

Often, we talk quite a bit about physical health and dieting but we don’t mention spiritual health. This area of your life is critical for long lasting success. A well-rounded person has physical and spiritual health. They can enjoy life. They’ve overcome all kinds of fears.

Many of us start out with low self-esteem. We find millions of people today are lonely, depressed, angry, or unhappy with their current situation … the list goes on and on. These are important areas that we must address. Let’s get to the bottom of how we feel and why. That way, we can enjoy our success more.

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