7 Ways to save money on vacation meals

financialadviceinfoYou may be surprised to know that your vacation meals, can cost you more than your airfare. Here are some simple ways to cut costs on vacation meals.

Cook for yourself – Book a hotel that offers a kitchenette or a mini fridge. Always eat breakfast in your room. You can stop at any supermarket and pick up some essentials, like fruit, cereal, milk, disposable plates and spoons.

Eat 2 meals instead of 3 – When you’re on holiday you’re usually off your daily routine. Most days will be late starts, so have brunch and opt for an early supper at 5pm.

Stock up on healthy snacks – Fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, nuts, water and milk are easy snacks to carry in your bag.

Share your meals – Most restaurants serve large portions, use this to order a main and an entree and split it. If you’re travelling with children, ask the restaurant if they have a children’s menu.

Look for cafes – Small cafes will provide a wide range of breakfasts, sandwiches and healthy smoothies at reasonable prices.

Book a hotel that includes breakfast buffets – Breakfast buffets at a hotel usually have a variety of breakfast dishes plus a few mains. This is ideal for an early brunch.

Happy hour – Many bars and pubs have happy hour from 3.30pm – 5.30pm. These happy hour offers are not only for drinks, they also include pub food such as pies, fish and chips and grills.