7 Financial tips for couples

7 Financial tips for couples

Nov 6, 2016

As a couple, it is important that your priorities are in sync, which will help maintain a happy, healthy relationship. Money is one of the main problems that can cause a divide between couples. Here are a few sound tips to help couples stay on the same financial page.

Learn to have fun without a lot of money. – Everything should not involve spending. Learn to enjoy things like a bike ride, walk in the park, a home-cooked meal or free concert.

Pay attention to your partner’s financial habits. – Before committing to a relationship, understand how your partner handles money in their life.

Discuss your dreams and goals with your partner – Let your partner know your dreams for the future and ask them about theirs. Your goals should be compatible to your partners.

Living together – Discuss living together and other issues like leases and household expenses before moving in.

Plan carefully before you borrow from your partner – Be clear with your partner about any debts you currently have and ask them about theirs. Each person should be responsible for the debts they have incurred prior to the relationship.

Review your investments – Look at each of your investments and identify areas that can be changed to suit your joint goals.

Joining your financial lives – Keep a record of bills like utilities and who will be responsible for the payment. Creating a budget for the month is also a good idea, as it will give both of you a goal to save and spend on the things you love.