6 Questions to ask before choosing an office space

6 Questions to ask before choosing an office space

Jul 2, 2017

Choosing an office space is an important decision as it can impact your sales, your employees and the success of your business. Here are some important questions that need to be answered before choosing office space.

Is there room for my company to grow? – You should not only consider your immediate needs but also look at your space needs for the next few years.

Is it the right location for my key employees? – Although you may not be able to find a location that is convenient for all your employees, you should consider a location that is suitable for your key employees. Before selecting a location, speak to your key employees and take their opinions into consideration.

Is the location convenient for clients? – Your clients should be able to access your office with ease. Sometimes a smaller location in the city maybe a better option for your clients than a larger office space in the suburbs.

Does this office send the right signal? – Your office space should match how successful your business is. In other words, the décor and the location must be affordable and within the company’s budget.

Are there hidden costs I’m not considering? – Look at other expenses like rent, utilities, construction costs and moving expenses, before choosing your location.

What is the parking situation? – You need to provide your employees as well as your clients with parking spaces that are convenient.