5 Reasons Your Employer Should Give You Free Lunch Everyday

5 Reasons Your Employer Should Give You Free Lunch Everyday

Feb 5, 2017

Article Written by : Financial Haze

A new trend has emerged where companies are offering their staff free healthy lunches. There are many benefits for the employer as well as the employee by offering this benefit. Here are five reasons why employers are offering free lunches to their employees.

Increased employee morale – Employers have noticed that by offering free lunches their employees, morale has soared. The free meals caused an increase in productivity that outweighs the cost of this benefit. You could also stand out from your competitors as an employer of choice because most job seekers will choose your company over a competitor who does not offer this benefit.

Stronger connections between employees – When different departments and grades of employees sit together they have stronger connections with each other. This helps employees to interact better with other staff members from different departments.

Increased productivity – Employees will not have to head out of the office to get their lunch and will, therefore, have more time at the office. Offices that offer healthy meals have also noticed an increase in employee activity and concentration, after offering this benefit.

Healthier workforce – Healthy employees will cost the company less as they take less leave, are more productive and cost less regarding health insurance.

Tax benefits – Most companies will be able to deduct their yearly spend on this benefit when they settle their taxes. Although there are requirements if an employer offers lunch, snacks and drink they can deduct these costs from their income tax.