4 Tips to Prevent Cyber Crime

4 Tips to Prevent Cyber Crime

Nov 21, 2015

Cyber crime is a reality that you cannot ignore any more. Despite this, a number of small and large companies tend to fall prey to cyber crime – almost 90 percent of them.

It’s dangerous to put it off since it the risk is very real too. Here are 4 simple tips to protect yourself from reduce cyber crime:

1: Have multiple email accounts

It’s best to keep one email account for social while the other for business. In other words, you can keep your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram information separate from your financial records. What’s better is if you opt for Gmail where with the two-step verification, you can keep your account safer than most. Hackers will not be able to get through.


2: Create difficult passwords

While difficult passwords may be difficult to remember, it’s still worth the hassle. Almost all of us are guilty of using simple passwords that we don’t change very often. Getting a notification to change your password is better than falling prey to cyber crime. Also, don’t use the same password for multiple accounts either.

3: Keep your machine updated

No matter what, ensure that you keep your machine and software updated. Whether it is the operating system, web browsers or your anti-virus software, staying updated will ensure that you are kept safe from online attackers.

4: Watch out for fake websites

You can be fooled by fake websites that get you to pay for goods that you will never receive. Of course, they will have access to your credit card details too. Check the web address and you’ll find that it is a variation in spelling or using a different domain name. Also, see if the padlock symbol appear next to the address bar and if the address begin with ‘https’ too.